With a fresh approach to financing, we offer value creation and sustainable growth to you and your business

Freshvest offer innovative financial solutions that fit your business’ needs – these solutions include, but are by no means limited to, the following:

Bridge Financing

Bridge financing is used to maintain liquidity while you are waiting for an anticipated and reasonably expected inflow of cash or financing.

Freshvest typically provide bridge financing for periods of three to six months.

Trade & Working Capital Financing

Trade and working capital finance is a funding process based on the value of your business’ accounts receivable ledger.

Typically, this type of financing is also referred to as debtor financing, invoice discounting, factoring or cash-flow financing.

Agricultural Financing

The agriculture and farming industry is constantly evolving to increase productivity, enhance economies of scale and ensure that changing consumer demands are met.

Freshvest provide all-round agricultural financing that also incorporates financial and project management activities to ensure that sustainability is achieved.

Capital & Asset Financing

Capital and asset financing is typically structured as a line of credit which is secured by a specific asset or across a combination of existing assets.

With this type of financing, your business uses its assets as collateral to obtain capital from Freshvest.

Venture Capital & Investment Loans

Venture capital and investment loans are financial capital, provided to early stage, high-potential startup and entrepreneurial ventures.

For more information about financial services that are tailor-made for your business, please  contact us.

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